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History - Sartid Smederevo

Football arrived in Smederevo in 1920. The first to adopt the game were students at Smederevo High School, where a teacher called Antun Banovec organised the purchase of balls and equipment.

A year later, a club named Rask was founded by students from the school. Two years later, in 1923, the club became tcity property under the new name of Djuradj Smederevac.

At the initiative of Ernest Radlinski, Sartid football club was founded on May 6th 1924. Its members were employees of the Sartid factory, and they immediately joined the Danube League. Their fiercest rivals were the city's older club, Djuradj Smederevac. In 1930, the first stadium was built with dressing rooms and benches for the spectators.

In 1936, Sartid's ambitions grew rapidly. Professional staff, coaches and players from abroad were brought in amidst a blaze of publicity.

By the end of the World War II, though, Sartid had ceased to exist, and the region was represent by the much smaller Jedinistvo club, formed by the merger of FC ZAK and FC Metalac in 1946. The club then underwent various name changes, passing through Buducnost, Metalurg before arriving at Smederevo.

Apart from the 1960-61 season, when only defeat to Proleter cost them a place in the first division, Smederevo were a club who persistently failed to live up to their ambitions.

That all changed in 1992, however, when the Sartid steelworks took control of the club. Sartid, as the club became known, topped the Danube league in 1993, winning promotion to the Serbian first division.

They spent two years there, finishing second and fourth, and then began an astonishing climb. First of all they topped that divison by a clear 22 points, winning 30 of their 34 games, and then, with an almost unchanged squad they secured the promotion to the first B Division in 1997. They took second place and won the promotion to the first division, their greatest success ever. But now, the greatest success of the club is 4th place last season in Yugoslav premier division, and second round in Intertoto cup competition.

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